Why You Should Shoot In Aperture Priority?

In many cases you rarely have time to think about the perfect settings for every single shot. You see something about to happen and literally have about a second to compose and shoot. The last thing you want is to take half a minute trying to figure out what the best shutter speed, aperture, ISO and white balance would be.


Rule of thirds.

This is the classic rule that requires you to divide your frame into thirds and have a point of interest in one of the 4 intersecting points. It is believed that to the eye, this positioning of subjects in a frame looks appealing.

What Camera Settings To Use

What camera settings do you use? This is a question I am asked all the time. Like most things in life, there is no one master setting that will finally take care of every photographic problem in the world. You will most probably need to adjust your settings as the light and situations around you change. If you have been playing around with your DSLR for a while now I am sure you already know this. If you recently got your first camera or borrowed one to fit into your first photography class at school like I did, this article is written with you in mind.